Here I sit…with my leaf imprinted latte…

(Photo credit belongs to someone else)
I’m lucky if my latte makes it into the cup much less make a leaf pattern in the foam!

I’m sitting in a Barnes & Nobel bookstore, sipping on a Starbucks latte that tastes slightly burnt and smells like the college-aged Batista’s heavy perfume, and I think, “I am surrounded by the greats. By Super Greats!” Bookstores carry the works of Hemingway, Tolkin, Steinbeck, Patterson and King. You can find obscure authors, best-selling authors, long-forgotten-can’t-pronounce-your-name-dead authors.

But do you have to be published to be considered an author? Do you have to have more than one something published? When does one even go from a writer to an author? What the hell is the difference even?!

Apparently…there is! And I guess it can be depressing depending on what side you are on. A writer, by definition is, is “someone that writes”. Makes sense. An author, by definition, is entirely different. An author is someone who creates! And, they’re published of course, but according to, an author is someone who “has to create, develop, and communicate an idea, while a writer has to only communicate somebody else’s idea.”

WAIT! If a writer writes someone else’s story and a author has to be published to be considered…an…author…what does that make the rest of us? Are we still considered writer? According to the same article, yes, we are! But is being a writer a bad thing? To me, telling someone I am a writer sounds more approachable. Author does sound prestigious but also as an air of smug, snootiness to it. I guess it really only comes down to what you feel comfortable with. Like Richard Castle, author of the Nikki Heat series that I am unashamed to say I adore, he’d rather have a kevlar vest that says “writer” than nothing at all.


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